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 buddahobo application

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PostSubject: buddahobo application   buddahobo application EmptySun Feb 07, 2010 5:46 am

Name: buddahobo - real name: ben
Age: 20
Headset: wireless xbox headset
MLG Rank:
What makes you a good player-im well coordinated, plus im great almost all small and medium sized guns such as battle rifle shotgon needeler im also a great wheelman when using vehicals and i will do whatever i have to in order to help the rest of the team.
Team work(1-10): 9-10 usuley 10 unless theres a lack of communication
Awarness(1-10): 10 on all original halo 3 maps 7-9 on newer maps
Call outs(1-10): 8 on original halo 3 maps 7 on mythic 6 on heroic and legendary
What you need to work on: sniping, spawn killing, rockets
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buddahobo application
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