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 Ninja ape23 application.

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PostSubject: Ninja ape23 application.   Mon Feb 08, 2010 3:29 pm

Name:Ninja ape 0023(Emerson)
Headset:just the mic of a phone headset, earbuds are bust. play voices thru speaker on tv.
MLG Rank: no tengo
What makes you a good player: im a good player mostly because i have been playing halo since i was 13 (3 years) and i have gotten much better with alot of practise. i am also willing to follow orders to the point if need be.
Team work(1-10): 9
Awarness(1-10):10 (almost nothing gets past me, including active camo.)
Call outs(1-10):8.5
What you need to work on: i really need to get my use of the br up to speed, i just cant seem to nail the head every time.
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Ninja ape23 application.
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